Monday, December 27, 2010

Pics of the Holidays

All stacked up.....

...And they all come tumbling down!!

Here are some really good ones from Thanksgiving

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Have a confession

I'm no good at blogging!!! I love reading blogs, but I just can't get to writing on mine. So, I think I figured out why. I make it harder than it is. I stress over what I write going over it and over it. Then I think every post must have pictures. I build it up thinking it takes up so much time I dread it instead of looking forward to it.
This is all really silly, so I decided to stop being a perfectionist and just enjoy keeping record of the joys of motherhood. Irina and Seth especially say and do the cutest things lately. I need to be writing it all down because I am going to forget it the way my brain works lately. LOL
So here's something funny Irina said a few days ago. Amy was in the kitchen and said,"Mom, I'm so hungry I'm going to die!" Very quickly in response, Irina said" No you can't die! then me will have to sleep all by yourself." LOL She was trying to say myself but she is still figuring out English. That was so funny to us because we understood the seriousness in her voice knowing she is scared to sleep without her sister in the room.
Everyone is very excited about Christmas. Since Sunday, we have been talking about the birth of Jesus using an interactive nativity scene we got at the Christian Bookstore. It is great! Everyday there is a gift to open with a nativity character inside and a message to read with Scripture.The kids are captivated esp. Irina. It is so amazing to share the Good News of Jesus birth to a little one so hungry to learn. We are humbled to be the ones to tell her about her Savior!!!!!!!!