Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blogging for 1 Year

I can't believe an entire year has passed since I first started this blog! It all began because of Irina. WOW! Time does fly by when you are having fun!

Irina is changing so much. She is at Peace, which is the meaning of her name! We are slowly seeing her true personality, and she's a cutie. She loves to laugh and be a goof. She totally fits in around here because the Allen's love to laugh and be silly. One night at the dinner table,which can be a three ring LOUD circus, I asked Ira if it was too loud for her. She quickly answered "NO, I love it! At orphanage only SHHH!" I was so happy! I had worried and worried that the noise factor here would scare her, but instead she loves the freedom and fun of our family. She was never free to be herself. Now she can relax and be the real Irina. It's awesome to watch miracles unfold.

She is speaking and understanding so much more English lately. She can read it too! I had no idea. We were working on Phonics and reading the other day during school when all the sudden she began sounding out the words and reading! Amy and I were amazed. We learn something new about her almost everyday! Tonight she said the days of the week on her own! I was jumping up and down because we sing the Days of the Week song as we begin our school day and she caught on! WOW! The joys of homeschooling ! I get to see the fruit of our labor.

We've nicknamed her "Princessa", our Ukrainian Princess because she either can't ,or doesn't want to do anything for herself. We haven't figured out if they did so much for her at the orphanage she never learned how to do things, or she does know but she's enjoying being dotted over! So today, when I was dressing her( yes, dressing her just like I dress my 2yr. old Seth), she whispered in my ear " Ira Princessa" and giggled. I said, "Yes you are my Ukrainian Princess". Then she whispered in my ear "I love you, mom".(in English)What a gift! What priceless words!
So for now, I'm doing all the things I didn't get a chance to do for Irina and holding tighter to the ones I've been blessed with since birth.

Monday, October 18, 2010

New life for Irina

Sept. 1, 2010 was Irina's 9th Birthday celebration. She was so excited the cake was "only Ira's". It was her first time to have her own cake and blow out her candles all by herself. It was her first time to share her birthday with her family! We are so blessed she's here. Can't imagine life without her.

Her first bicycle! She went from riding with training wheels to NO training wheels in record time. She just never had the chance to learn. Now look at her go!!

She lost a tooth for the first time. It didn't get thrown away and the Tooth Fairy came! Before, her teeth were just thrown away. Not anymore! Mama saved it! She was so proud she pulled it out herself. She wouldn't let any us touch it. She worked and wiggled on it all morning until she got it.

Her first time to a Pumpkin Patch with her brothers, sister, and Grandmommy.

Her first motorcycle ride with Uncle Dave.

These are just a few of the many "Firsts" we have been honored to watch Irina experience. So blessed to be her Mom!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello Again!!

We are here and doing fine! Our computer was down due to a virus, and I'm still trying to figure out how to get everything done and blog ,too. We now have a family chore chart, so hopefully I can do better at keeping everyone updated on how Irina is doing in her new family.The blog has a new look to celebrate our family's growth.
I wanted to give updates, but Ira is sick tonight. In short, she is doing fantastic! Everyday gets better and better especially her English. I am amazed at all the new words she is incorporating into her speech. She is learning a lot from listening to children's songs. Her favorite was Jesus Loves Me now it is God Made Me. I love hearing her sing it in her own way as she's trying to pronounce English. It's just too cute. It's like listening to your 1year old say their first words. It's priceless!
This is the first time she has been sick since she came home. She has vomited twice and is saying her stomach "Ouch". I'm wondering what happened when she was sick in the orphanage. As I cleaned her up, told her I was sorry, and prayed for her, I was thinking I'm so glad she's here and no there. It's times like these that stop me in my tracks, and I stand in awe that God chose Irina to be our daughter. I get to take care of her, especially when she's sick.
Gotta go,and tend to my precious girl.

Since I promised homecoming pics. Here's a couple!!