Wednesday, November 2, 2011


( Before you read this read previous post.. :)

Anastasia just got done with her surgery and is in the recovery room. Unlike planned, they were able to do a 2-surgery job, which would have to be 6 months apart, in 1 day!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! Keep us in your prayers for a good recovery and that she wouldn't rip the stitches out!!!....:0 hahaha

Annie's Surgery!!!

Hello everyone!!! I have Big news.......Anastasia just went in for surgery!!!!! She was so excited to know that her mouth was getting fixed. Sorry its been such a long time since the last post...alot has been going on. My mom...( this is Amy posting:) has had a lot going on and asked me to update!! To catch up...... Annie is doing great! It feels like shes been here forever! She is absolutely amazing at communicating! Her hand movements and gestures and babbling is so tell you the truth I'm going to miss it when she is able to talk:( And Irina has been here for a yr and 2 months now...... I still can't believe it! She has changed so much. :D Her b-day... was September 1st and is now 10!!!!WOHOOO<3


....Look at that face....its all worth it...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Home at Last

Here is a our happy camper @ 2:30am leaving our apt. and heading to the airport. She is ready to go to America,but the smiles turned to tears when we got into the elevator to go downstairs and the elevator stopped in between floors trapping us inside!!! After 30minutes, we were freed and on our way!Thank you Jesus for answering prayer and getting us out of there unharmed! Praise the Lord!!

No more smiles again when she saw the airplane we were getting on. She pointed to the plane, pointed to herself and shock her head NO. She was excited until she saw the plane and then she changed her mind. LOL

After the 9 hr. flight, the smiles returned knowing we had just landed in America and that her sisters were waiting for her! She did amazing on the flight. I couldn't believe what a gift God had given me. She didn't cry,she didn't try to get out of the seat belt, and she slept for 3hrs of the flight! She was a little scared when we ascended and descended, but that was it! I kept thanking Him and thanking Him for this answer to prayer.

Oh, how we missed these girls and how happy they were to see their new baby sister.

Welcome Home Anastasia Belle! You made it to America!!

Swinging with Sissy!

When we pulled into the driveway,we were welcomed with our precious friends to greet us. There was food in our refrigerator, food in the crock pot, and the house was clean!! We are so blessed!! We would have never meet these beautiful people, the Tweitmeyers and the Heims, had we not stepped out in faith to adopt our beautiful girls. We are so grateful to our friends for such a warm welcome and for all they did for us while we were gone. Thank you guys for taking care of our girls and our house. It means so much. I thank my children for enduring 5 weeks of missing mom and dad and being away from their home. I pray the Lord will bless them for their own sacrifices that each of them made as we obeyed God's Word as a family, and for doing their part to care for Anastasia,an orphan no longer!!!!!Thank you to our Pastor and his family for all they did to clean our basement when it flooded. Thank you to all those that prayed for us, and donated money so we could do the Lord's will. Thank you Dylan for taking care of our lawn, and the chickens. I thank my family and friends in Alabama who took such great care of our boys. The day we came home with Annie they were still in AL. It was so sad not having them here,but they are on their way to IL for us to pick up soon!
I haven't seen a smile like this on her face until now. She's happy to be home!! She got out that van and walked in this house like she had lived here her whole life. She explored every inch of it and enjoyed every minute of her new found freedom.. FREEDOM! FREEDOM! What a beautiful sight. Thank you Jesus for such a precious gift to our family and for rescuing her!

Checking out Samuel's pedal car with Sveta in her Ukrainian shirt.

I love this picture! She is telling me in her own little cleft palate language that everything is OK. I think she is saying I like it here.

More smiles and she's in a car seat strapped down! I can't believe how well this little one goes with the flow. She has never been in a car seat before,and she's not fighting it! We are off to pick up the boys in Springfield IL. She's headed to see her brothers for the 1st time with McDonald's fries to go! LOL

Finally, all my babies together in one place!!

Mama's happy baby girl!

All the Allen's together at last and one more joins the clan.

I am so excited to get home and get settled in as one big happy family. Thank you Jesus for my family that you have so graciously given~!~

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Almost Home

The day we have been waiting for finally came! We put on her new clothes, she said good-bye to those who have cared for her, and she walked thru those gates no longer fatherless.

She is on her way HOME!

She didn't like the train at all. The first 3 hrs. were hard on her. She didn't get her nap because this was her big day no time for naps.LOL But no nap made the train harder. She cried and wouldn't let me comfort her. She was very scared and kept packing everything up waving and blowing kisses saying good-bye to the train. Every time the train made a stop she thought we could get off. It was really sad to watch. Finally she sat next to me amd let me lean my head against hers. She was soon fast asleep, and the little nap helped. She was good the rest of the night as long as she could look out that window. At bedtime we said Good night tucked her in and without a fight she went right to sleep and sleep so good all night!! So we made it thru the 18hr train ride! Praise you JESUS!

We got settled in our apt after getting Annie all cleaned up and in Sissy's dress she sent for her.

She wanted to wear Papa's shirt instead of hers. What a cutie!! We have had a busy few days with medical exam,Embassy appt.,and today VISA! The Lord has brought us so far! We made it to this point! I am so thankful for all He has done!

We are on our way now. In just a few hours, we will be picked up and taken to the airport.

We are almost there baby girl. Home Sweet Home!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

All For One

Friday was a successful day! An answer to prayer! We went very early to get Annie's new birth certificate,but there was no power at the buiding. If no birth certificate, then no passport,so we prayed. We called our new friends and they prayed. Within 1 hr, the power was back on and we returned to sign the papers and pick up Anastasia Belle Allen's birth certificate ! Praise Jesus! Our times are in Your hands!

This is the building where the day started and we obtained the official document that Anastasia has new parents, a new middle and last name, and a new life!

Mama signing the document that we are officially picking her up from the orphanage. Tears filled my eyes, as we both thanked the director for all she had done to help Anastasia not lose her chance of being adopted and to keep her there until we could come. She wished us health,happiness, and the blessing of grandchildren with our Anastasia. We answered, That is why were are here, so she can have a Hope and Future! Jer 29:11

Dad signing document to legally pick her up. Then we were off to get the passport. We walked in the room and signed more papers and with big smiles we were handed Anastasia's passport! This is all very amazing! This can sometime take days. Thank you Jesus for a passport in one day!!!

With everything done here in Annie's region, we can now return to the captial city for her visa. Our train leaves Sunday@ 3pm and we arrive the next morning at 9am. Yikes! Pray for her to handle this trip.
She knows we are coming to pick her up on Sunday. Evidently she got tired of waiting for us to come, so yesterday she left her group,walked over to the director,took her by the hand,and said, to Mama! She was so brave to do that because I guess that is not allowed. I don't blame you baby girl, you know what you want and you're tired of waiting. Don't worry. We are on our way! Tomorrow you will be set free! You can begin your new life as our cherished daughter all because Jesus loves you and gave His life for you. All for You!!

I love this picture because it's the first time Annie said Papa and the first time she asked him to swing her. Until then,only Mama could touch the swing. She realized Papa's swinging was higher and more fun than moms. LOL

Oh,Guess what today is? Irina's Gottcha Day! 1 year ago today Irina Elizabeth officially became an Allen too!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Daughter To Love

We had court on Monday when Anastasia officially became an Allen!! We were so blessed by the Judge who granted our adoption petition! She asked us many questions individually. We were asked questions like" Why do you want to adopt this child when you already have 4 children? and What made you cross the ocean to adopt this particular child?" We answered that we believe every life is created by God, so she is valued and the thought of her living without the love and concern of parents was so unbearable we had to cross that ocean. Each time we answered, the judge would smile and gesture in amazement. One juror had tears flowing down her face. Then the moment came when she stated it was her pleasure to allow us to adopt Anastasia and give her a new middle and last name. After many thanks to the Judge and jurors. We were the proud parents of another daughter Anastasia Belle Allen. She weighs 35lbs and is 39in tall. She has brown hair and blue eyes and she was born on Jan. 4th 2007. Anastasia was the name given to her at birth, which means Resurrection. It is very fitting since she was born 5 weeks early and was very ill. Healthcare professionals diligently provided her the medical attention she needed and spared her life. We gave her the middle name Belle after her great grandmother Lula Belle Allen.Now, 4yrs. later after the Lord saved her life, He is saving her again and giving her a Hope and a Future Jer. 29:11. The Lord gets all the Glory!! We would not be here at this time in history without His help, and the help of those He used as tools of blessing to support us on this journey. My heart has been so full and overwhelmed of all that has taken place on behalf of one little girl I haven't been able to even write about it. What I found out today was even more confirmation that it was God's plan all along to bring Anastasia into our family. I learned of all the people esp. the director of the orphanage and my facilitator who worked hard on her behalf to keep her at the orphanage able to be adopted. In Feb., the decision was made to give us only 6 months to get here. If we weren't here by July, Anastasia would have been moved into foster care unable to be adopted or sent to the internat and traumatized. Do you see how Faithful God is? He made it possible for us to get here when we did because He knew what we did not. We were never given details,but we knew her situation was urgent,so we prayed. I can still hear my little 4yr old son praying and asking the Lord to hide Anastasia, so she would still be there when we arrived. WOW! God heard our prayers, and the prayers of those who have prayed for and helped an orphan in distress James 1:27.

May the Lord be Glorified for His marvelous works Psalm 139:14.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

We Have A Court Date!

Our Annie and Papa exploring the snails she found.

We got the news that we will have court on Monday!! We are so thankful to finally know what to expect. We believe this date is an answer to prayer! We were told we could be here 3 weeks before court. Our court date is 2 weeks exactly from our SDA appt.!! Thank you Jesus and thank you to all those who have been praying for us. It means so much! We have also been praying and seeking the Lord on whether to stay here during the 10 day waiting period or to return home. We are so thankful as we are understanding that the Lord is there waiting to hear from us and guide our every decision. He is in the details of our lives.Psalm 37:23 I am realizing how many times we have missed Him by making decisions without even thinking of asking Him first, and operating out of our emotions or human reasoning. How insulting must that be to our Heavenly Father who is All-Knowing,and how ridiculous to think we know better than He. Lord,help us walk according the Spirit and not of the flesh.Rom 8:3-8

Anastasia is opening up to us more every day. She is beginning to smile and allow us to pick her up for hugs!!! I have started singing to her the same song I've sung to all my children during each visit. As I sing you can visibly see her being comforted and at peace. Then as we go back to playing or watching her explore every pocket of our backpack, you can hear her humming mama's song!!! It's music to our ears and joy in our hearts. You can see light beginning to shine in those big blue eyes. Adoption is such a miracle! We are allowed the privilege of watching a little person created by God flourish as it is watered with the love of Christ.

This is how she fixed our hair with Papa's help after she found her new headbands we brought for her.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Our 4th Day with Anastasia

Anastasia loves to see us coming. She gets very excited and comes running. She loves mama best right now. They said it's because there are no men around. She will let papa show her something,but then she wants mama to do it not papa.She loves stickers!She will sit with me along time putting stickers on the coloring book. She only wants mama to push her on the swing while saying 123! in Russian. She either wants to wear only this green dress or that's all they have because she has worn it every day we have been there except the 1st day.

She plays very intently with the things we brought her. She esp. loves the baby doll and mama's sunglasses!LOL

Friday, June 10, 2011

The ATV Giveaway

An update on the ATV giveaway fundraiser.

The drawing took place on Tuesday and a WINNER was drawn!!!The person has been notified and they were very excited to hear the news. Sorry for the delay in posting this information. I had not been involved in the postings of this giveaway, however, Shane asked me to let everyone know that there is a WINNER!!!!He has been unable to keep everyone updated due to an extended family crisis. Please be in prayer for this family!!
Thank you so much to everyone who gave toward the ATV giveaway, and those who donated to the "Addison is coming home" fund. Thank you Shane, Carolyn and Traci for making this all possible. We would not be here able to rescue our little girl from a life with no parents, no one to stand up for her, no one to protect her, no one to love her unconditionally,and no one to tell her how much Jesus loves her without your help.

We truly got here in the nick of time. Her name was on a list to be moved to a different orphanage called the internat. There she would be with kids up to the age of 16yrs. old. There are very little caregivers for over 200 children. They can't possibly keep up with what is going on. It's a place a 4yr. old baby girl should not be allowed to go, but with no one here to stand up and scream NOOOO you can't let this happen that was her fate. However, the Lord knew and He spoke to our hearts. He made a way for us to get here. He is so GOOD and so BIG. I pray more people will hear the Lord speak to their heart and say Yes, Lord send me for the other children in need of being rescued!

To learn more about the urgent needs of many children, please visit and read about what Traci from Project Hopeful is doing on her mission trip here.

Thank you so much and May the Lord Bless you all for caring for an orphan in distress. James 1:27

Thursday, June 9, 2011


We met our girl!! See for yourself what a little doll she is!!

She loves her mama! She ran to me saying "Mama Mama". It is a beautiful sound because it is the only word she can speak due to her cleft palate. We did not hear her say any other words. What an extra kiss from the Lord!

After measuring Annie's height,head and foot size, she decided to take over measuring.

Monday, June 6, 2011

We Have Arrived!!

What we have been praying and believing God for has happened!! We arrived in Addison's(Anastasia is her real name) country on Saturday, Sunday we rested, and this morning while everyone back home was sleeping we went for our SDA appt.! Our appt. was very smooth. We got to see 2 pictures of her as a baby and toddler. Oh my, was she ever cute with her big blue eyes, long lashes and button nose!!
None of this would have been possible without the Lord working through those, who generously donated and helped us raise EXACTLY what we needed to arrive for our appt.!!! THANK YOU FOR THE SACRIFICES EVERYONE MADE AND THE PART EACH PERSON PLAYED" to defend the fatherless and the oppressed, in order that man, who is of earth, may terrify no more." Psalm 10:18
In the past few months,we have watched the Lord provide everything we have needed. We could have missed this if we had said NO, Lord we have NO money. Because we have nothing to offer but filthy rags( Isaiah 64:6), GOD GETS THE GLORY FOR ALL OF THIS!! HE TOOK OUR" YES " AND HE HAS DONE THE REST!!! PRAISE THE LORD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW(James 1:17)!!!
We will have the referral tomorrow and then we will travel to her region. Hopefully, we will see that sweet little face on Wed!!.(depends on when we can get train tickets).

For those who participated in the ATV giveaway, the winner will be announced SOON. They are diligently working on it back home. Thank you for your patience.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What do you say when Jesus asks of you?

Had an amazing day of Generosity! New total needed is $16,229.22

The push is now on! The Allen's have their appointment for June 6th. They can't do it without our help. Please consider helping them bring this precious little girl home.

Do you ever admire the faith of others? We do! That is why we (Carolyn Twietmeyer, Traci Heim and Shane Lewis) Hi-Jacked this blog. In the unlikeliest of times, Jesus spoke to this family, told them they have another Daughter in Eastern Europe and they should immediately prepare to go get her. Without hesitation...They said YES!

The Allen's are a family to be admired. They are God loving and an inspiration! Cindy put a career in the Medical field on hold to be a Mama and Tim works hard as a Dairy Delivery driver. They make it on a tight budget and faith in God!

Last year, the Allen's said yes to Jesus when He told them to go get their daughter Irina Elizabeth. They sold everything thing they didn't need, took out loans and held fundraisers. By the miracle and God's glorious promise they made it home in August 2010 with Irina.

The adoption of Addison is God's timing as you can read about in other posts that Cindy made in this Blog. Nearly transfered and then the threat of the SDA shutting down for severals months the Dossier got there just in time. The Allens travel in the next 3 to 5 weeks and still need to raise $20,000.

As the title of this post asks, "What do you say when Jesus ask of you?"! The question was not for the Allen's, they didn't hesitate! The question is for us! You were lead to this post. The Allen's need money to complete the rescue of one of Jesus' precious children. Jesus is asking us to be His hands and feet and plan "A"! What is your answer? All Glory be to GOD!

We know that it is out of the love in your hearts that you will financially support this families mission. But our kind friends at DRR Inc wanted to help as well. They have made available a brand new DRR 300 ATV with a retail value of $5000 as a give away prize....UNBELIEVABLE!

The actual ATV is white. I (shane) have dealt with this company for years. They build the finest childrens ATV in the Industry. The DRR 300 is a fully automatic, Liquid cooled, very safe and of excellant quality. See this ATV in action HERE. (Now the fine print: The ATV will be shipped directly from DRR to a shipping dock nearest to the winners home. The winner will be responsible for shipping charges usually around $200-$300. The winner will be given the MCO (Manufacterers Certificate of Origin). The winner will deal with and be responsible for tax, title and license in their home state. Now back to the fun!

How it works: Repost on your Facebook or Blog you get a draw. Just leave a message that starts with REPOSTED! along with a word of encouragement for the Allen's and we'll get you in the drawing. Give $10 = 1 Draw, Give $50 = 6 Draws, Give $100 = 15 Draws and give $200 = 40 draws.All donations are tax deductible through Project HOPEFUL. To give, just click the DONATE button on the top right. We will keep updating onb the amount still needed at as we go. Give away will end June 5th, 2011 and winner will be anounced shortly after.


Thank you dear friends for your hearts for the things that matter to Jesus!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

God Has Moved Mountains!!!

Amazing things have been happening that I haven't had a chance to tell yet because of the ridiculous TAX AUDIT we've been in the middle of. 95% of adoptive families are being audited after we were all promised this tax credit!! It is keeping families from paying off debt incurred from last year's adoptions that many of us took on because we knew it was being reimbursed to us. This is an outrage and many people are calling their congressman to speak up on behalf of adoptive families.
OK for the good stuff.
Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! Ps 34:8. I have seen and I am taking it all in!!!!!
If you look back on previous posts you see our Mickey Mouse raffle that helped us raise the $890 to file our I600A for Addison's visa. All the money was raised in just 2 days and it was received by USCIS March 3rd. We needed to move forward to rescue Addison before she was transferred out of the orphanage, but we didn't have the money to do so. My agency has worried that we wouldn't receive USCIS approval in time for us to get to Addison. However,God said yes you can move forward and He provided,so we could send the I600A!!
We were fingerprinted at USCIS on Friday April 8th, and on Wednesday April 13th my agency called with another cry for URGENCY that our dossier needed to be in Ukraine by April 21st! What!, I responded. We were just fingerprinted on Friday how can we do that? Well, after much prayer and a few phone calls. WE HAD OUR I71H Friday April 15th one week from when were fingerprinted!!!!!!!!! We serve a LIVING and MIGHTY GOD! I never believed it could be done. I have doubted from day one if Addison was ours because I couldn't understand in my FEEBLE mind how we could ever get to her as quickly as the agency was asking. I have doubted my Heavenly Father's Grace, Mercy and Love for me and Addison. I am so ashamed of how I have put God in a box!
He did, however, know I needed confirmation that He was saying YES, go NOW!!!
On Monday April 18th our dossier was mailed overseas after many trips to notaries and to Chicago for Apostille's. It arrived in Addison's country Wednesday April 20th!!!!!!!!!! One day earlier than asked for. Another miracle!!! God is not asleep! He is working and He is relentlessly in pursuit of the fatherless,which includes US. We were all fatherless until the day we understand we were a sinner and asked Jesus to forgive us and cleanse of our sin. We became an adopted Son or daughter because without the pure sacrifice of God's own Son to pay our debt of sin we would lost,hopeless and FATHERLESS. Ephesians 1:5 Orphans no matter what country they reside in are fatherless, and they are lost and hopeless without the hands and feet of Jesus(those who have been rescued from HELL by the Grace of God). Who will bring them hope if Christians don't.
I am learning first hand that God will take our, YES, Lord break my heart for what breaks Yours and He will do the rest!! Paperwork, money, your fears,your doubts, it is nothing to God. He already did the work on Calvary.
Our dossier was submitted on April 28th and we should travel to Eastern Europe in 4-5 WEEKS!!
Does God care about Addison born January 4,2007 and does He know her by name? YES, HE MOST CERTAINLY DOES. Does He want us to reach out to those who have NO HOPE? YES, HE MOST CERTAINLY

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Overcoming Obstacles

It's been a while since the last post because we've had a few hurdles to jump. Our computer died around March 10th, so we were completely out of touch. We just got up and running again last week. At the same time the computer went out, so did our well. We were without water for days. Then this past Friday no water AGAIN! This time there was leak in one of the well pipes. They just finished repairing it today!! I've heard lots of stories similar to this of other families who are trying to adopt children and give them a Hope and a Future. Jer 29:11 Seems like everything comes at us trying to discourage us. The world would say, you can't possibly add another child when you keep having all these problems. But Jesus said,".. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." John 16:33 We do need to support each other when hard times come because we need to help one another identify who is sending the trouble. It's definitely NOT our Tender Heavenly Father who says, "Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him." Ps 127:3 We continue to move forward to rescue Addison mowing down the obstacles with thehelp of the Lord. We are being fingerprinted this Friday for our I600A. We know He will provide even when we can't see how. We stand on His Word in Heb 11:1. Read it. It's a great reminder of what Faith really is.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We have a winner!! C. Johnson won the Mickey Mouse 2000 figurine!! Mickey was put in the mail and is on his way to the winner. Thank you to all that felt lead to donate. We do not take it lightly! We are so thankful!!!

All the money we needed to send our I600A was raised in just 2 days!! I was able to send everything off this evening,and it should be received by USCIS Thursday! WOW! Thank you to everyone who was used by the Lord as a tool of blessing!!

All praise and Glory to my Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the All Sufficient One!!!!
We asked and the Lord answered in HIS way.

We are continuing to lay Addison's needs before Him knowing that He has a plan for her life. It's a good plan with a hope and a future! Jer 29:11. He knows her current situation more than those who are keeping us informed. So, we are placing this journey in His hands, and when I try to do things in my own strength, I pray He will gently remind me to Trust Him.

We ask for continued prayer for Addison and our family. Our desire is for her to have a family where she is loved,comforted and cherished. The reality of that happening in her country is slim to none. She's already been abandoned because she's HIV+, and a foster family over there could return her in a month's time like an unwanted puppy. We love her and want what God wants for her, so if there's a family with all their documents ready that could get to her faster and spare her, we would step aside. However, if she is to be our daughter, we pray nothing would hinder us from getting to her before she is moved i.e money and time spent waiting for needed documents. We move forward as God provides in awe that we get to be a part of this. We have been blessed by the miracle of adoption and we have seen on a daily basis what Irina has lost without the love, comfort, security and guidance of parents. Everyday she asks the same question, "mom why do you love me so much"? I guess she struggles to understand a mother's love she's not yet had. Everyday she asks her dad the same question," dad how long you work"? She has to know how many more hours until he comes home. I guess it is because she finds security in the dad she never had and doesn't want to be away from him. Everyday she rocks herself to sleep and sucks her fingers at 9yrs. old. This is hard for me to even talk about because it breaks my heart so. The thought of her never being held as an infant or comforted by a mother's touch when she was scared, kills me. That is why I stand in awe that I am the one God has allowed to love this precious child, and that is why we are running as fast as we can to get Addison, so she doesn't have to endure anymore time without parental love and care.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

We Need A Miracle!!!!

Please pray for our precious Addison and for God to move to a mountain!!!
We were notified last night that her orphanage is under orders to move 2 children a month into foster care. Once moved a child would not be available for adoption anymore. Last month it was her that was to be moved,but having sent 1 document saying we desire to adopt her they were able to keep her at the orphanage. The bad news is they can't keep her much longer. We need a miracle! We need an I71H ASAP so our dossier can be in their hands ASAP. We haven't sent the I600A yet because we are waiting for the funds to do so. We are trying to sell furniture on Craig's list to raise some funds because we have nothing to pull from after our last adoption. We don't know what else to do. But God does. He owns the cattle on thousand hills. He knows everything and He is in control. Even though I feel out of control. We are asking for prayer. Please pray for God's will in our lives and Addison's. Where do we fit into her future? Are we her parents? If so Lord, remove every obstacle and make our path straight!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

The Allens are adopting again. Our precious baby,Addison, is waiting in Eastern Europe. We need to get there fast. Addison turned 4 in January. At that point she should have been moved to internat, but since we filed paperwork for her prior to her birthday, she remains in the baby house. But not for long. We need to move rapidly to bring her home. If you wish to be a part of this blessed miracle, please participate in the following giveaway.
For every $5 donation using the button at the top of this blog, your name will be entered into a giveaway for the 'Millennium Mickey On Top of the World Mickey Mouse 2000' figurine. This is an exclusive membership item. While this give away has an expiration date of midnight 2/28/2011, donations can be made anytime and are appreciated.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everybody's doing great!

We are all getting cabin fever! Ready for all the snow to melt and the temperature to rise above 30 degrees. Everybody seems extra energetic since we can't go outside and get their wiggles out. So, we got the sing, dance and shape up kids video out the other day. That seemed to help some. We are ready for Spring!

Seth turned the corner and is completely potty trained at 2 1/2! He just did it all on his own! Now, that's a gift from the Lord esp. being a boy! Amy was 2 also and pretty easy, but not even this easy. No more messes everywhere from accidents. He just runs to the potty now without even being asked if he has to go! I'm thankful for this.! If you are a mom with little ones, I know you'll understand my excitement.

Irina and Amy started Russian school a few weeks ago. We didn't want Irina to lose her Russian esp. since she is speaking so much English now. She hardly ever says anything in Russian these days. Even when I try to say something she'll say, "Mom, speak English". She's funny. I tell her I want to be like her and I want to try. So, Friday nights we drive to Naperville and we get to speak Russian together. I love it because she can't tell me to stop, while at Russian school. Amy is learning so much too. I can't believe all she has learned from being around Ira these past 5 almost 6 months.

I can't believe Ira has been home almost 6months. It seems like longer because it's like she's always been here. It is amazing to see how much she has changed. Sometimes I am stopped in my tracks at the miraculous work of God in her. I ask myself. How can a child willingly get on a plane with someone they've only seen a few hours a day for a few weeks that doesn't speak the same language and go home with them? Who do I know that could endure such uncertainty?Who would have that much courage? The answer is Irina Elizabeth Allen! I am so proud that she came in spite of her fears. Because believe me she was scared. She cried to the orphanage workers that she didn't want siblings(now she loves her siblings ,but she would still like us all to herself). She cried to her friends that she was afraid to learn English(now she speaks and understands English). She cried because she couldn't comprehend how I could be her mother when we didn't understand each other. She cried because she didn't like me(now she whispers in my ear"I love you mom"). She has struggled with a lot of fears since being home. Everyday is a better day. Each day is a progression from the day before. Someday I will open my heart and share what I've been privileged to watch unfold. Right now my heart is so enlarged. I stand in awe and there are no words.

I am so proud of Ira and all the children for their open loving hearts . Children really are resilient! These kids are amazing!

This is a picture I should have posted sooner. This is the day Irina was reunited with her 4 friends in America. They all lived together in the same orphanage. Now they are together again, adopted in America, and live only 1 hour away from each other! The look on their faces when they saw each other was priceless!! When they all said good-bye to each other in August they didn't know if they'd ever see each other again. Look how GOOD GOD IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!