Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Please help this family bring their children home!!!!

The Twietmeyer's have been a HUGE BLESSING to our family and sooo many others who have and are adopting. Even though she has needed to raise funds for her adoption, on Facebook she asked people to give to our adoption for her birthday!!! I still can't get over this unselfish act by someone who is about to travel to adopt for the 3rd time. PLEASE read the following post from www.twietconfetti.blogspot.com ,and PLEASE visit their blog to learn how you can help them bring their children home!!!!
I have hijacked Carolyn's blog to post this message. This is her friend Melinda. I currently help out with Project Hopeful in the fundraising department and updating the website. In case you missed it the Twietmeyer's have grown there family again. They are getting ready to bring home Selah's biological sister and brother from Ethiopia. They have had many, many struggles during this entire adoption process, but thankfully God is faithful! They will be leaving May 6th to go and pick up their new kids Andarge and Eyerusalem. This trip happened sooner than they thought and they are short on the cash to travel. I would love to see all of us rally around this family that has helped so many other famlies bring home their children and help them raise the funds needed to travel. I think they need around $4000 to make this happen. Would you be a part in making this trip happen for this awesome family? If so you can click on the donate button under the selah's little red house campaign to donate now. I would love to see this need get met by this weekend, so that would be one less thing that Carolyn has to worry about. Thanks for reading and please spread the word!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Today we found two little baby bunnys in our window well. Poor things! One of them is so weak he can hardly move. They are so tiny. Hope they don't die. I am an animal lover so I maybe over reacting. We would take them in but you have to have a license !Crazy Huh. Aside from this our dossier is probably in California being looked over by our agency owner. She hasn't responded to mom's email. We think mom and dad will be leaving in about 6-8 weeks.Cool huh? I am so happy!! My sister is coming home!!!!!

This was posted by Amy

Friday, April 16, 2010

The BIG Day!!

Today was the moment we have been waiting for!!!! Our dossier(Ukraine adoption paperwork) was FedExed overnight to our adoption agency! WOW, what an amazing day!!!!. I had trouble speaking to the lady at FedEx, because the tears were f lowing uncontrollably. It was hard to hand over the stack of papers that our lives have revoled around for 7 months. Scary!! But at the same time it's exciting knowing we are one step closer to Irina. My agency owner should receive our paperwork tomorrow around 10am. She plans to look everything over to make sure it all looks good. Keep in mind it has all been faxed to my social worker 3-4 times who has examined everything several times. Then she plans to send it to Olga our Ukraine facilitator on Mon. We have to wire $600 to Olga so she can get it all translated. Once translated Olga will submit the Allen dossier, and then we wait for the call informing us when to come and meet Irina!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Girls Night Out

Well, I thought I'd blog since I'm at my friends who has WiFi. Man, this is great!!! This goes so fast.
Amy and I are hanging out having sweet girl time. Soon it will be Me , Amy and Irina!! We got to the bank today just in time to get the last 2 documents notarized. We are waiting for our social worker to give us the O.K. to have our dossier apostilled. That is some kind of stamp above a notary. I don't understand it, nor do I know how to pronounce it. I just do what I'm told. Hopefully, it will get done by Thursday. My wonderful friend Traci says she will go for me or we can take the train together to Chicago and have all our documents apostilled. Without her wisdom, encouragement, help,and inspiration, I wouldn't have made it this far. Thank you, Traci for all you do to help orphans get home at last.
Now, hello this is Amy. I have a feeling this summer is gonna be great. IRINA IS COMING!! 2 oh yeahs!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bad at Blogging

I knew when my friend told me to start a blog back in Oct, I would be bad at it. I didn't think it would be this bad. No post since Feb,and so much has happened since then. One reason I find updating my blog difficult, is because our internet service is dial up and its soooo slow. Is has taken 45 min for the new post page to pull up, so I can write this!
Everything was very busy getting ready for our rummage sale held March 26th and 27th. The rummage sale was a huge blessing!! God brought people to help us every step of the way. It was amazing to watch Him work through His people. The final deposit including donations given the day of the sale was $4,180!!!! I'm still in awe. I got more good news while I was in AL that we were approved for a matching grant through Lifesong for Orphans up to 2,5oo!!! That means 4,180 will actually be 6,680!!!!! None of this would have been possible without all those who gave of their time and resources. I had never seen anything like it before. People just showed up to donate items, fold clothes, price items, offer to watch my little ones, bring lunch, you name it, and they didn't even have to be asked!!! God provided what we needed right when we needed it!! When we got hungry someone would show up with food. When I was exhausted and couldn't hink about what to do next someone would show up and do what needed to be done. When I needed someone to watch my little guys someone would offer or show up at my house. When we needed help making signs there was help right there!!! What I saw God do before, during and after our sale has been amazing. I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for the world. Thank you to all who helped!! May God bless you for caring for orphans in their distress, James 1:27
We received our I71H during the rummage sale busyness and then I left for AL, so last night we faxed our dossier to our social worker for review. She says we need an extra document we didn't have. We'll get that done Mon. Meanwhile over the weekend she will send everything to the Ukraine facilitator to look over our dossier. If she gives a thumbs up, we can get everything apostilled and off to Ukraine this week!! Then we wait for a date to go and meet Irina. WOW!! I can't imagine what that meeting will be like. She doesn't even know we are coming for her!!