Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everybody's doing great!

We are all getting cabin fever! Ready for all the snow to melt and the temperature to rise above 30 degrees. Everybody seems extra energetic since we can't go outside and get their wiggles out. So, we got the sing, dance and shape up kids video out the other day. That seemed to help some. We are ready for Spring!

Seth turned the corner and is completely potty trained at 2 1/2! He just did it all on his own! Now, that's a gift from the Lord esp. being a boy! Amy was 2 also and pretty easy, but not even this easy. No more messes everywhere from accidents. He just runs to the potty now without even being asked if he has to go! I'm thankful for this.! If you are a mom with little ones, I know you'll understand my excitement.

Irina and Amy started Russian school a few weeks ago. We didn't want Irina to lose her Russian esp. since she is speaking so much English now. She hardly ever says anything in Russian these days. Even when I try to say something she'll say, "Mom, speak English". She's funny. I tell her I want to be like her and I want to try. So, Friday nights we drive to Naperville and we get to speak Russian together. I love it because she can't tell me to stop, while at Russian school. Amy is learning so much too. I can't believe all she has learned from being around Ira these past 5 almost 6 months.

I can't believe Ira has been home almost 6months. It seems like longer because it's like she's always been here. It is amazing to see how much she has changed. Sometimes I am stopped in my tracks at the miraculous work of God in her. I ask myself. How can a child willingly get on a plane with someone they've only seen a few hours a day for a few weeks that doesn't speak the same language and go home with them? Who do I know that could endure such uncertainty?Who would have that much courage? The answer is Irina Elizabeth Allen! I am so proud that she came in spite of her fears. Because believe me she was scared. She cried to the orphanage workers that she didn't want siblings(now she loves her siblings ,but she would still like us all to herself). She cried to her friends that she was afraid to learn English(now she speaks and understands English). She cried because she couldn't comprehend how I could be her mother when we didn't understand each other. She cried because she didn't like me(now she whispers in my ear"I love you mom"). She has struggled with a lot of fears since being home. Everyday is a better day. Each day is a progression from the day before. Someday I will open my heart and share what I've been privileged to watch unfold. Right now my heart is so enlarged. I stand in awe and there are no words.

I am so proud of Ira and all the children for their open loving hearts . Children really are resilient! These kids are amazing!

This is a picture I should have posted sooner. This is the day Irina was reunited with her 4 friends in America. They all lived together in the same orphanage. Now they are together again, adopted in America, and live only 1 hour away from each other! The look on their faces when they saw each other was priceless!! When they all said good-bye to each other in August they didn't know if they'd ever see each other again. Look how GOOD GOD IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!