Thursday, May 27, 2010

We are going to Ukraine!!!!!

The moment we have been waiting for finally came. We got the call from our Social Worker on Tuesday May 25th telling us we have a travel date!!! Our SDA appointment is June 16th!! The unknown is finally known!! Yesterday was a blur as a talked back and forth with the travel agent trying to figure out flights. It took til 8pm last night to finally settle on a booking. It's official, WE ARE GOING TO UKRAINE!!

We have been so blessed with finances. It has been amazing to watch! I'm glad I'm not missing out on one blessing after another as God works miracles to make this adoption happen."O we of little faith!" I'm speaking to myself especially. I have had such little faith during this process, and so much fear that I've been at the Lord's feet continuously repenting. However, by His Grace, He has brought so much PEACE and greater understanding of the whole process. Just like marriage, adoption is forever according to God's Word. We will be married 14yrs this July, and at times it was so hard I wondered if we would make it. Because we have looked to God as ""our help in times if trouble", we are here today. I wouldn't change anything. He is worth any amount of struggle in the end. So with adoption, I can rest on God's promises knowing He will be there when times get tough. Obeying God's Word is my part. The outcome is in Gods' hands. Good or bad He will carry us through until the end.
God truly does know what we need before we ask or think. I thank the Lord for is His faithfulness to us.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here We Come Baby Girl!!

Today our dossier was submitted!!! What an accomplishment! It might be around the 2nd week in July and she will be on the plane coming home to spend the rest of her life with the family she always dreamed of! But for right now, she is sitting there in Ukraine believing that she will never have a home and telling herself that she is NOT loved. But honey If you only knew that there is a family in the US that loves you dearly and wants you to be their daughter!!! It is not about us, its about HER!! Some people say, "Well you dont have the means/ money to adopt" Well Isn't a family and learning about Jesus better than a cold, dark orphanage in Ukraine! Isn't Three hot meals a day better than 1 small meal a day, Isn't a chance in life better than living on the streets!! A orphan is an..

Rejected in society
Needy ... Child

All together there are 147 million orphans in the world! If you feel that God is leading you to adopt or donate. You can Visit There and tons of little faces needing hope. If they have Downs Syndrome they will be sent to the institution at the age of 5!!!! Here is a boy named Marat on the web site who has HIV. He is 11. He needs someone to adopt him or he will be sent the institution!! Please consider! Here is a picture. What a cutie!!

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