Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What do you say when Jesus asks of you?

Had an amazing day of Generosity! New total needed is $16,229.22

The push is now on! The Allen's have their appointment for June 6th. They can't do it without our help. Please consider helping them bring this precious little girl home.

Do you ever admire the faith of others? We do! That is why we (Carolyn Twietmeyer, Traci Heim and Shane Lewis) Hi-Jacked this blog. In the unlikeliest of times, Jesus spoke to this family, told them they have another Daughter in Eastern Europe and they should immediately prepare to go get her. Without hesitation...They said YES!

The Allen's are a family to be admired. They are God loving and an inspiration! Cindy put a career in the Medical field on hold to be a Mama and Tim works hard as a Dairy Delivery driver. They make it on a tight budget and faith in God!

Last year, the Allen's said yes to Jesus when He told them to go get their daughter Irina Elizabeth. They sold everything thing they didn't need, took out loans and held fundraisers. By the miracle and God's glorious promise they made it home in August 2010 with Irina.

The adoption of Addison is God's timing as you can read about in other posts that Cindy made in this Blog. Nearly transfered and then the threat of the SDA shutting down for severals months the Dossier got there just in time. The Allens travel in the next 3 to 5 weeks and still need to raise $20,000.

As the title of this post asks, "What do you say when Jesus ask of you?"! The question was not for the Allen's, they didn't hesitate! The question is for us! You were lead to this post. The Allen's need money to complete the rescue of one of Jesus' precious children. Jesus is asking us to be His hands and feet and plan "A"! What is your answer? All Glory be to GOD!

We know that it is out of the love in your hearts that you will financially support this families mission. But our kind friends at DRR Inc wanted to help as well. They have made available a brand new DRR 300 ATV with a retail value of $5000 as a give away prize....UNBELIEVABLE!

The actual ATV is white. I (shane) have dealt with this company for years. They build the finest childrens ATV in the Industry. The DRR 300 is a fully automatic, Liquid cooled, very safe and of excellant quality. See this ATV in action HERE. (Now the fine print: The ATV will be shipped directly from DRR to a shipping dock nearest to the winners home. The winner will be responsible for shipping charges usually around $200-$300. The winner will be given the MCO (Manufacterers Certificate of Origin). The winner will deal with and be responsible for tax, title and license in their home state. Now back to the fun!

How it works: Repost on your Facebook or Blog you get a draw. Just leave a message that starts with REPOSTED! along with a word of encouragement for the Allen's and we'll get you in the drawing. Give $10 = 1 Draw, Give $50 = 6 Draws, Give $100 = 15 Draws and give $200 = 40 draws.All donations are tax deductible through Project HOPEFUL. To give, just click the DONATE button on the top right. We will keep updating onb the amount still needed at as we go. Give away will end June 5th, 2011 and winner will be anounced shortly after.


Thank you dear friends for your hearts for the things that matter to Jesus!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

God Has Moved Mountains!!!

Amazing things have been happening that I haven't had a chance to tell yet because of the ridiculous TAX AUDIT we've been in the middle of. 95% of adoptive families are being audited after we were all promised this tax credit!! It is keeping families from paying off debt incurred from last year's adoptions that many of us took on because we knew it was being reimbursed to us. This is an outrage and many people are calling their congressman to speak up on behalf of adoptive families.
OK for the good stuff.
Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! Ps 34:8. I have seen and I am taking it all in!!!!!
If you look back on previous posts you see our Mickey Mouse raffle that helped us raise the $890 to file our I600A for Addison's visa. All the money was raised in just 2 days and it was received by USCIS March 3rd. We needed to move forward to rescue Addison before she was transferred out of the orphanage, but we didn't have the money to do so. My agency has worried that we wouldn't receive USCIS approval in time for us to get to Addison. However,God said yes you can move forward and He provided,so we could send the I600A!!
We were fingerprinted at USCIS on Friday April 8th, and on Wednesday April 13th my agency called with another cry for URGENCY that our dossier needed to be in Ukraine by April 21st! What!, I responded. We were just fingerprinted on Friday how can we do that? Well, after much prayer and a few phone calls. WE HAD OUR I71H Friday April 15th one week from when were fingerprinted!!!!!!!!! We serve a LIVING and MIGHTY GOD! I never believed it could be done. I have doubted from day one if Addison was ours because I couldn't understand in my FEEBLE mind how we could ever get to her as quickly as the agency was asking. I have doubted my Heavenly Father's Grace, Mercy and Love for me and Addison. I am so ashamed of how I have put God in a box!
He did, however, know I needed confirmation that He was saying YES, go NOW!!!
On Monday April 18th our dossier was mailed overseas after many trips to notaries and to Chicago for Apostille's. It arrived in Addison's country Wednesday April 20th!!!!!!!!!! One day earlier than asked for. Another miracle!!! God is not asleep! He is working and He is relentlessly in pursuit of the fatherless,which includes US. We were all fatherless until the day we understand we were a sinner and asked Jesus to forgive us and cleanse of our sin. We became an adopted Son or daughter because without the pure sacrifice of God's own Son to pay our debt of sin we would lost,hopeless and FATHERLESS. Ephesians 1:5 Orphans no matter what country they reside in are fatherless, and they are lost and hopeless without the hands and feet of Jesus(those who have been rescued from HELL by the Grace of God). Who will bring them hope if Christians don't.
I am learning first hand that God will take our, YES, Lord break my heart for what breaks Yours and He will do the rest!! Paperwork, money, your fears,your doubts, it is nothing to God. He already did the work on Calvary.
Our dossier was submitted on April 28th and we should travel to Eastern Europe in 4-5 WEEKS!!
Does God care about Addison born January 4,2007 and does He know her by name? YES, HE MOST CERTAINLY DOES. Does He want us to reach out to those who have NO HOPE? YES, HE MOST CERTAINLY