Thursday, February 24, 2011

We Need A Miracle!!!!

Please pray for our precious Addison and for God to move to a mountain!!!
We were notified last night that her orphanage is under orders to move 2 children a month into foster care. Once moved a child would not be available for adoption anymore. Last month it was her that was to be moved,but having sent 1 document saying we desire to adopt her they were able to keep her at the orphanage. The bad news is they can't keep her much longer. We need a miracle! We need an I71H ASAP so our dossier can be in their hands ASAP. We haven't sent the I600A yet because we are waiting for the funds to do so. We are trying to sell furniture on Craig's list to raise some funds because we have nothing to pull from after our last adoption. We don't know what else to do. But God does. He owns the cattle on thousand hills. He knows everything and He is in control. Even though I feel out of control. We are asking for prayer. Please pray for God's will in our lives and Addison's. Where do we fit into her future? Are we her parents? If so Lord, remove every obstacle and make our path straight!


  1. Is your last I-171 totally expired? Were you approved for just 1 child before? I only ask because I just got off the phone with USCIS an hour ago, and since we were approved for 3 kids and only adopted 1, they say we are still approved for 2 more kids, and only have to send a copy of our HS to them to update, and we wont owe any money until the embassy in Kyiv. Just wondering if this was an option for you, I was shocked by their response.

  2. Yes, we were approved for only one. I checked with USCIS to see if I could use the one for Irina, but that's not possible. We have to get another one. Thanks for the help though. I keep wondering if there's something we are missing.

  3. Cindy, call USCIS... if you were adopted for more than one when you went for Irina, you should just need an update on your Home Study. :) Praying for you!!