Saturday, July 2, 2011

All For One

Friday was a successful day! An answer to prayer! We went very early to get Annie's new birth certificate,but there was no power at the buiding. If no birth certificate, then no passport,so we prayed. We called our new friends and they prayed. Within 1 hr, the power was back on and we returned to sign the papers and pick up Anastasia Belle Allen's birth certificate ! Praise Jesus! Our times are in Your hands!

This is the building where the day started and we obtained the official document that Anastasia has new parents, a new middle and last name, and a new life!

Mama signing the document that we are officially picking her up from the orphanage. Tears filled my eyes, as we both thanked the director for all she had done to help Anastasia not lose her chance of being adopted and to keep her there until we could come. She wished us health,happiness, and the blessing of grandchildren with our Anastasia. We answered, That is why were are here, so she can have a Hope and Future! Jer 29:11

Dad signing document to legally pick her up. Then we were off to get the passport. We walked in the room and signed more papers and with big smiles we were handed Anastasia's passport! This is all very amazing! This can sometime take days. Thank you Jesus for a passport in one day!!!

With everything done here in Annie's region, we can now return to the captial city for her visa. Our train leaves Sunday@ 3pm and we arrive the next morning at 9am. Yikes! Pray for her to handle this trip.
She knows we are coming to pick her up on Sunday. Evidently she got tired of waiting for us to come, so yesterday she left her group,walked over to the director,took her by the hand,and said, to Mama! She was so brave to do that because I guess that is not allowed. I don't blame you baby girl, you know what you want and you're tired of waiting. Don't worry. We are on our way! Tomorrow you will be set free! You can begin your new life as our cherished daughter all because Jesus loves you and gave His life for you. All for You!!

I love this picture because it's the first time Annie said Papa and the first time she asked him to swing her. Until then,only Mama could touch the swing. She realized Papa's swinging was higher and more fun than moms. LOL

Oh,Guess what today is? Irina's Gottcha Day! 1 year ago today Irina Elizabeth officially became an Allen too!!


  1. Yay! You wrote a post! It was lovely to read! Thank you for sharing yours and Tim's time with Mark and I. Praying safe and easy travel all the way home! We are blessed to have met you (and the Hansens)! We love you guys!

  2. So so happy for you guys!!! She is beautiful! If you check out it will explain some of our secrecy!! But Ken and our NEW girl come home today, Praise GOD!!!
    Safe travels to you! You will be home in no time!