Thursday, July 14, 2011

Home at Last

Here is a our happy camper @ 2:30am leaving our apt. and heading to the airport. She is ready to go to America,but the smiles turned to tears when we got into the elevator to go downstairs and the elevator stopped in between floors trapping us inside!!! After 30minutes, we were freed and on our way!Thank you Jesus for answering prayer and getting us out of there unharmed! Praise the Lord!!

No more smiles again when she saw the airplane we were getting on. She pointed to the plane, pointed to herself and shock her head NO. She was excited until she saw the plane and then she changed her mind. LOL

After the 9 hr. flight, the smiles returned knowing we had just landed in America and that her sisters were waiting for her! She did amazing on the flight. I couldn't believe what a gift God had given me. She didn't cry,she didn't try to get out of the seat belt, and she slept for 3hrs of the flight! She was a little scared when we ascended and descended, but that was it! I kept thanking Him and thanking Him for this answer to prayer.

Oh, how we missed these girls and how happy they were to see their new baby sister.

Welcome Home Anastasia Belle! You made it to America!!

Swinging with Sissy!

When we pulled into the driveway,we were welcomed with our precious friends to greet us. There was food in our refrigerator, food in the crock pot, and the house was clean!! We are so blessed!! We would have never meet these beautiful people, the Tweitmeyers and the Heims, had we not stepped out in faith to adopt our beautiful girls. We are so grateful to our friends for such a warm welcome and for all they did for us while we were gone. Thank you guys for taking care of our girls and our house. It means so much. I thank my children for enduring 5 weeks of missing mom and dad and being away from their home. I pray the Lord will bless them for their own sacrifices that each of them made as we obeyed God's Word as a family, and for doing their part to care for Anastasia,an orphan no longer!!!!!Thank you to our Pastor and his family for all they did to clean our basement when it flooded. Thank you to all those that prayed for us, and donated money so we could do the Lord's will. Thank you Dylan for taking care of our lawn, and the chickens. I thank my family and friends in Alabama who took such great care of our boys. The day we came home with Annie they were still in AL. It was so sad not having them here,but they are on their way to IL for us to pick up soon!
I haven't seen a smile like this on her face until now. She's happy to be home!! She got out that van and walked in this house like she had lived here her whole life. She explored every inch of it and enjoyed every minute of her new found freedom.. FREEDOM! FREEDOM! What a beautiful sight. Thank you Jesus for such a precious gift to our family and for rescuing her!

Checking out Samuel's pedal car with Sveta in her Ukrainian shirt.

I love this picture! She is telling me in her own little cleft palate language that everything is OK. I think she is saying I like it here.

More smiles and she's in a car seat strapped down! I can't believe how well this little one goes with the flow. She has never been in a car seat before,and she's not fighting it! We are off to pick up the boys in Springfield IL. She's headed to see her brothers for the 1st time with McDonald's fries to go! LOL

Finally, all my babies together in one place!!

Mama's happy baby girl!

All the Allen's together at last and one more joins the clan.

I am so excited to get home and get settled in as one big happy family. Thank you Jesus for my family that you have so graciously given~!~


  1. Congratulations! Amazing to see her settling in so quickly. She fits in so well with your other four! God always does well, but I think He did exceedingly well by giving you Annie :)

  2. Hi Cindy! I didn't know you had a blog. Congratulations on a safe trip and adding Anastasia to your happy family! I love the pictures. I was hoping to see all of you when I played at Bethlehem church last week but they announced that you had made it home safe which I was happy to hear! I'm sure you missed the kids so much while you were gone. So good to be all together again! Take care!
    Laura Johnson

  3. Crying here! Love that she did so well on the plane and how she is fitting in beautifully with your family. My favorite is the picture of all of you together as one big family! Thank you Lord for the Allens! love you guys!

  4. AWWWW!!! Traci and the girls talked about you guys so much while were with them in Kiev! I wish we had had better internet connection and could have chatted in country! Your sweet girl reminds me of our Sveta!!! Praise God you are HOME!!