Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Almost Home

The day we have been waiting for finally came! We put on her new clothes, she said good-bye to those who have cared for her, and she walked thru those gates no longer fatherless.

She is on her way HOME!

She didn't like the train at all. The first 3 hrs. were hard on her. She didn't get her nap because this was her big day no time for naps.LOL But no nap made the train harder. She cried and wouldn't let me comfort her. She was very scared and kept packing everything up waving and blowing kisses saying good-bye to the train. Every time the train made a stop she thought we could get off. It was really sad to watch. Finally she sat next to me amd let me lean my head against hers. She was soon fast asleep, and the little nap helped. She was good the rest of the night as long as she could look out that window. At bedtime we said Good night tucked her in and without a fight she went right to sleep and sleep so good all night!! So we made it thru the 18hr train ride! Praise you JESUS!

We got settled in our apt after getting Annie all cleaned up and in Sissy's dress she sent for her.

She wanted to wear Papa's shirt instead of hers. What a cutie!! We have had a busy few days with medical exam,Embassy appt.,and today VISA! The Lord has brought us so far! We made it to this point! I am so thankful for all He has done!

We are on our way now. In just a few hours, we will be picked up and taken to the airport.

We are almost there baby girl. Home Sweet Home!!!!!!!!!!